Pandemic Marketing

Covid-19 Marketing & Communications Assets Checklist (MARCOM)

Sergio Pinon

Below is a list of items to consider when evaluating the content of all of your MARCOM assets.

The scope and intensity of your internal marketing content audit is up to you given your specific circumstances. This list will help you make a quick assessment of the areas you may need to focus on the most. 

Start with the Numbers

Metrics are an important part of marketing. They provide a panoramic view of your brand's reach and visibility. For those items that are measurable, consider this breakdown as a starting point for creating reports that will help you have a better understanding of how you are reaching your consumers. (Note: If you regularly track these metrics already, compare them to this time last year to see how your brand is being impacted.)


  • Brand mentions
  • Reviews
  • Customer ratings


  • Page speed
  • User experience (customer service interactions)
  • Online banking use
  • New online enrollments

App Usage

  • Usage (hourly, daily, etc.)
  • New enrollments
  • User experience (customer service interactions)
  • Click-through rates
  • Conversions

Social Media

  • Engagement
  • Social lift
  • Industry influence


  • Branch traffic (lobby vs. drive-thru)
  • ATM usage
  • Press coverage

There are a myriad of metrics to focus on within each of these categories. Being as comprehensive as possible will aid in the planning and decision-making process.

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