Immersive Strategic Positioning for growth-minded organizations.

360-degree-analysis to determine how closely your strategic goals align with products, target markets, internal culture, digital presence, marketing, community outreach and more.

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It all starts with getting to know you.

Discovery Session
We meet with your primary stakeholders to get a clear picture of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re heading.
Brand Evaluation
We review your brand guide and any supporting material to fully understand your existing brand promise and core values.
TouchPoint Analysis
We review your primary access points to determine whether they are projecting brand alignment.
Stakeholder Survey
We develop a custom survey and push it out to your current and/or prospective audience based on your needs.
Strategic Plan
We analyze your corporate strategic plan and compare it to your marketing plan to determine whether goals are aligned.
Website Audit
We go through your current website and evaluate how well it projects your brand and meets industry standards.
Product/Service Review
We look through your products and services to determine whether they live up to your brand promise.
Marketing Playbook
You will receive a strategic marketing plan with specific recommendations for up to the next 3 years.
Brand & Website Audit Presentation
You will receive recommendations for enhancement and any strengths you should capitalize on as part of your brand messaging.
Stakeholder Survey Results
You will receive feedback from the survey in a digital presentation featuring charts, word clouds, open-ended responses, and more...
Positioning Statement
You will receive feedback regarding your existing positioning statement or a new succinct positioning statement you can share with your team.
Messaging Framework
You will receive a brand story and elevator pitch based on your core values and history.
Recommendations to align marketing plan with strategic plan
You will receive specific ideas for how to adapt your existing marketing plan to align with the corporate goals, as well as ways to find additional budget.
Product & Service Recommendations
You will receive recommendations on ways to enhance or reintroduce your product offerings to better reflect your brand.

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