After; Lucro Commercial Solutions logo.
After; Lucro Commercial Solutions logo.


Lucro Commercial Solutions

In December 2017, Member Business Solutions, a leading provider of commercial lending services to credit unions, contracted with us for a complete rebrand. During our rebrand process, we surveyed partner CEOs and discovered that MBS was highly thought of as experts and service providers despite not being the low-cost leader. Partners also noted MBS’s role in developing commercial portfolios in what had become the CU’s most “lucrative” line of business. The result was the creation of Lucro Commercial Solutions. Literally translated to profit, Lucro’s visual identity is as unique as their name. The logo is a wordmark and icon, combining leaf-like shapes with the image of a brain in order to convey growth, blooming business, and unparalleled expertise in the industry.


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Lucro Commercial Solutions

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